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News announcement26 October 2023BrusselsDirectorate-General for International Partnerships3 min read

Global Gateway Forum: EU-Mexico Partnership launches new Sustainability and Business Initiatives

Alicia Bárcena and Jutta Urpilainen
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At the Global Gateway Forum, the European Union and Mexico took a significant step toward a more sustainable and prosperous joint future, presenting a major package of projects under Global Gateway for Mexico. In addition, the EU and Mexico announced their intention to establish a coordination Mechanism for Global Gateway Investment Agenda projects in the country, to ensure the initiative’s smooth progress.

Mexico is a strategic partner of the EU, and both play important roles as regional leaders in the G20. The EU’s partnership with Mexico is of geostrategic relevance – following the EU-CELAC Summit in July 2023, Europe, the Americas, and the Caribbean are strengthening their ties to have a decisive influence in shaping the post-COVID world order to find aligned and sustainable solutions for people, planet and prosperity and peace.

European Commissioner for International Partnerships, Jutta Urpilainen said:  "The Global Gateway Forum highlights the EU and Mexico’s shared commitment to a sustainable and healthier future. Mexico is a vital partner in our joint vision for building democratic societies that work for people and planet. Under Global Gateway, the mechanism that we announce today will allow us to strategically upgrade health, sanitary and industry capacity so that Mexicans have access to high quality vaccines and medical products."

Mexican Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alicia Bárcena, said that: “Mexico has high expectations of its rapprochement with Europe. The Global Gateway Investment Agenda represents an enormous opportunity for European companies to come to Mexico and create a Latin American and Caribbean industrial corridor [in areas such as] conductors and semiconductors… clean technologies, environment, infrastructure and industrial sectors, electromobility…, renewable energy or battery production, topics in which Europe has a lot of experience”

Ever-closer cooperation through the EU-Mexico Global Gateway Investment Agenda Coordination Mechanism

At the Forum, the EU and Mexico committed to establishing a permanent coordination mechanism on the Global Gateway Investment Agenda. This mechanism will play a critical role in planning and monitoring the implementation of the EU Global Gateway Strategy in Mexico. The strategy represents a concrete framework for deeper collaboration and aligning the mutual goals of the EU and Mexico.

Shared priorities into concrete initiatives for a fair, sustainable transition

Team Europe is already actively implementing the priorities set in the Global Gateway Investment Agenda for Mexico.

  • Health: acknowledging Mexico’s leading role in the implementation of the Latin America and Caribbean sanitary plan, the EU contributes to strengthening Mexico’s Regulatory System of Medicines and Vaccines, to support local capacities to produce and distribute high quality vaccines, medicines, and medical devices.
  • Green and sustainable finance: Team Europe has launched a comparative study on the EU and Mexican taxonomies. The EU is also promoting innovative financial products for the private sector and the adoption of environmental, social and governance standards in companies.
  • Sustainable development: Team Europe and Mexico work together on the new Mexican sustainable industrial and regional development model displayed through the Sonora Plan, particularly the development of sustainable industrial parks. The European Investment Bank (EIB) is assessing the possibility to support the Plan Sonora, with a particular focus in the areas of sustainable energy and/or integrated water management. The initiative not only addresses pressing climate and environmental concerns but also contributes to economic development.
  • Transport: Team Europe and Mexico will also explore possibilities of future collaboration in the framework of other large scale infrastructure projects such as the Transoceanic Corridor.


The Global Gateway Forum brings together for the first time an assembly of government representatives from the European Union and across the globe, alongside key stakeholders from the private sector, civil society, thought leaders, financial institutions, and international organisations to promote global investment in transformative infrastructure – hard and soft- to deliver on SDGs.

Global Gateway is the EU’s positive offer to reduce the worldwide investment gap and boost smart, clean and secure connections in digital, energy and transport sectors, and to strengthen health, education and research systems.

The Global Gateway strategy embodies a Team Europe approach that brings together the European Union, EU Member States, and European development finance institutions, creating essential links rather than dependencies, and closing the global investment gap. The EU-Mexico partnership aims at addressing jointly the global commitments of 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, fostering sustainable and inclusive development and a fair green and digital transition, in line with the EU-LAC Global Gateway Investment Agenda.

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Publication date
26 October 2023
Directorate-General for International Partnerships